Balancing proliferation
and differentiation:

mechanisms and relevance
in human disease​

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The iDIFFER network.

Homeostasis and tissue function are determined by an adequate balance between cell proliferation, differentiation and death.

The deregulation of this balance can lead to various pathologies including cancer. In recent years there has been a significant increase in our understanding of how cells divide, of the molecular pathways that control their differentiation to allow specific functionalities, and the factors that determine their aging or death.

The iDIFFER network will generate a collaborative framework for the integral and multidisciplinary research of the balance between proliferation and cell differentiation in mammals, and how the deregulation of this balance can influence the human disease. These studies will be based on common scientific interests among the members of the network that include the basic mechanisms of cell division and differentiation, through metabolic control, the molecular and cellular basis of pathologies related to proliferation and deficient differentiation, and the study of possible therapies.

Technically, the work will be strongly based on genetic editing technologies in mammals, as well 
as joint efforts in functional genomics, single-cell studies and organoids, etc.

The organizational structure of the network will facilitate an active exchange of ideas, reagents, protocols and technological platforms in a way that enhances the work of the 10 integrated groups, belonging to 6 different institutions and cities, thus increasing the productivity and international competitiveness of the participating teams.